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Spanish and English helped this site reach the local and UK market.

Attracting both buyers abroad and sellers locally demanded that this website was accessible in both Spanish and English. And the remit was that it should be easy to add more languages at any time.


The website itself is based on WordPress (an industrial standard content management system), so it was easy to add a plugin to provide the required functionality.

The initial setup was done using the WPML (WordPress Multilingual) plugin as this is a very flexible solution allowing custom configuration for more complex websites.

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This website included a lot of bespoke configuration including booking calendars for example. So whilst WPML covered the standard pages and posts out of the box, there were many areas that did not immediately become translatable.

To deal with this we updated the underlying code of non standard parts of the configuration to make them translatable.

Multi Lingual Tools

Techie Stuff

Using WordPress has its advantages. It is well tested and quite secure (compared to writing your own code from scratch) and it means you can get a site up and running very quickly – saving you money!

There are a number of translation plugins, but we like using WPML. For customers who wish to look after their own sites, it is relatively easy to use. For us looking to provide the best solution possible, it is flexible enough to cover all bases.

It covers 40 languages out of the box and you can have as many languages on your site as you need. It allows for string translations in addition to the standard translations of pages and posts etc, so it has everything you need.


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