Cafe Del Mar y Del Sol, Nerja.

Website Development

A complete overhaul of the Cafe Del Mar y Del Sol publicity and website.

For this project we needed to provide all of the components needed to allow us to provide a full set of marketing materials for the restaurant.


We divided the project into a number of phases:

  • Product photography (food)
  • Restaurant photography (location)
  • Website development
  • Design and creation of menus
  • Social Media

We were able to provide everything required for the whole project making it more efficient and keeping the price down compared to using multiple business.

More info

The client was keen to get a new website up and running for the business as well as replace the existing menus and advertising boards. The new versions needed to display photos of the quality meals that they provided rather than stock photos.

They already had a logo, so everything that we did reflected the look and colours of the logo as well as the ambience of the restaurant itself. The end result was a bright website and matching menus that showcased the chefs top quality creations.

Cafe del Mar - Retaurant

Website Details

A little bit of the technical stuff…

We initially looked for some suitable domain names (that were available) and made some suggestions to the client. After securing the domain name we set up host (on our own hosting service) and configures the new email accounts for the restaurant.

We then created the core of the website based on WordPress and used an pre-designed template as a starting point for the look of the website. This was customised to suit the needs of the client.

We were able to rework the photography that had been done earlier so that it worked well with the website and gave us a high quality and unique finish.

Finally we added functionality to make the website multi-lingual, SEO friendly and incorporating a booking system for clients to use.


Photography, Web Design, Web Development, Menu Design, Social Media

Cafe Del Mar y Del Sol

Photographer, Web Developer

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