Book Photo Restoration, "This Other Father"

Image Restoration

Folded and creased, faded and torn. No problem, we will fix it for you.

This customer was in the middle of writing a book about her life in India in the final colonial days. She had a handful of images which she wanted to include in the book, but they varied in quality and tone. So we scanned them and set about getting them consistent and book ready.


The images had come from various sources and some were quite badly damaged so our first job is to scan the images on a high resolution scanner to get every bit of detail recorded for each image.

We can then return the originals in tack and without subjecting them to any destructive activities.

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We use a number of techniques to restore the images which includes removing creases, dirt marks and scratched. We also work through the images applying focus and sharpening where need.

We can then leave them in the original black and white (or sepia etc) or we can colourise them to really bring them to life.

Original Image Restored image

A Honed Toolbox

We have worked with a large number of tools over the years and discarded the bad ones along the way. We now have at our fingertips all of the quality tools we need and the know-how to use them.

We create a workflow for each image that we restore as each images needs are different. Passing the image from tool to tool (and back again) until we have it looking the best it can be in the time / cost constraints that we are working within.

The end result is an image that can be kept or can be reprinted at a much larger size and displayed with pride on the family wall of photos.


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For the book “This Other Father”

Photo Restoration

We'll fix them for you...
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